Murchison National Park – Uganda

I had the opportunity of spending about 2 weeks in Uganda in Oct/Nov 2009. The trip was taken in conjunction with Words of Hope radio ministries. I was invited to come along as one of the photographers to document the opening of a new recording studio on the campus of & inconjunction with the Uganda Christian University. At the end of the trip and with personal (not ministry) expenses we went to Murchision National Park of Uganda for two days. Murchison National Park is considered one of two sources of the Nile River. We were able to spend 1/2 day on the Nile River itself and a whole day on the savanah portion of the park. The attached slide show will show some of the wildlife we able to see.

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Murchison National Park_Uganda

Wild animals in Murchison National Park, Uganda Africa

[img src=]10Hadada Ibis-8009
[img src=]10Grey Horn-Bill-8021
[img src=]10Green-Headed Sunbird-8090
[img src=]10Green-Headed Sun bird 'Hangin in There'-8095
[img src=]10Common Bulbul-8114
[img src=]10Rainbow Lizzard Pair-8350
[img src=]10Marabou Storks & Nest-8449
[img src=]00Vervet Monkey-8857
[img src=]00Waterbucks and Giant Hog-8885
[img src=]00Hartebeest-8913
[img src=]30Lone Giraffe-8935
[img src=]00Young Giraffe-8938
[img src=]00Hartebeest Couple-8942
[img src=]00Young Ugandan Kob-8963
[img src=]00Ugandan Kobs-Young-8966
[img src=]00Ugandan Kob-8971
[img src=]00Giraffes & Kob-8989
[img src=]00African Darter-9009
[img src=]00Hippo - I See You-9029
[img src=]00African Fish Eagle-9039
[img src=]00Water Buffalo and Cattle Egret-9049
[img src=]00Mommy & Junior-9061
[img src=]00Grey Heron-9073
[img src=]00The Hippopatamus Gang-9079
[img src=]80Nile Crocodile Sunbathing-9098
[img src=]20Nile Crocodile Going for a Swim-9102
[img src=]00Nile Crocodile - Yaaaaawn-9112
[img src=]00Spur-Winged Plover at his post-9116
[img src=]00Pied Kingfisher-9121
[img src=]00Red-Throated Bee Eater 1-9130
[img src=]00Red-Throated Bee Eater 2-9133
[img src=]00Red-Throated Bee Eater Colony-9148
[img src=]00African Darter Drying Wings-9196
[img src=]00Cattle Egrets 1-9213
[img src=]00Swimming the wrong way-9231
[img src=]00Black Kite-9242
[img src=]00Spur-Winged Plover-Which way did they go?-9243
[img src=]00Sneeking Nile Croc-9249
[img src=]00Cattle Egrets 2-9307
[img src=]00Hippopatamus Yawn-9325
[img src=]00Giraffes-9354
[img src=]00Ugandan Kob and Herd-9361
[img src=]00Water Buffalos and Cattle Egrets on the Savanna-9392
[img src=]00Adult Ugandan Kobs-9404
[img src=]00Grey Crowned Crane 2-9415
[img src=]00Grey Crowned Crane 1-9418
[img src=]00Grey Crowned Crane 3-9420
[img src=]00Lioness Waiting-9427
[img src=]10Lioness Stalking-9433
[img src=]10Lioness-Missed the Prey-9438
[img src=]00Elephant-9491
[img src=]00Elephants on the Move-9505
Elephants on the Move
[img src=]00Elephants Leaving-9536
Elephants Leaving

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