Lillian Anderson Arboritum During Sunset

Tuesday evening Cyndee, the ‘Frodo-Meister’ & I went to Lillian Anderson Arboritum off W. Main St. for some early autumn color photos. We were there just prior to sunset and I took pictures until about 30 minutes following sunset. What was very interesting is normally when we will go there its not surprising to see no other cars there or maybe just one other. However just as I was getting my photo gear together several cars drove in. Couple of runners, couple families and a class from K-college. Busy place! For fun, if you compare the sky portion of the last two photos here to the sky photos in the next post (Warren Dunes) you will know why I normally don”t include a ‘blank’ sky. The reason I did it this time is because there were some very faint pink streaks in the sky and was hoping they would show up. Those with good imaginations may be able to see them. —– remember the story of the Emperor with the Invisible Suit? 🙂

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Lillian Anderson 20121002

Autumn color in tress at Lilliam Anderson Arboritum Kalamazoo Michigan

[img src=]20Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9525
[img src=]20Milkweed Pod 9535
[img src=]10Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9539
[img src=]10Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9540
[img src=]10Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9541
[img src=]20Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9548
[img src=]20Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9549
[img src=]10Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9550
[img src=]10Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9553
[img src=]10Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9554
[img src=]10Lillian Anderson Arboritum 9555

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